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Confident Smiles Implant Denture Solutions was established as a solo practice in 1980 by Brian Carr DD. Over the years, we have evolved into a thriving second-generation family business. With quality craftsmanship and personalized care, we have managed to build a strong reputation among our clientele. See what our customers have to say about our denture and implant services. You can also share your thoughts and experience by filling out the form on this page.

Experienced Team

“Happens long time ago when I met Brian Carr and I think he's the best denturists ever. Because of my bad experience with dentist before, I was so scared (not easy patience), I told them my situation and he said don't worry everything is going to be ok, trust me. He made me feel like a part of his family.

Coming here is the best decision I've ever made

Then two years ago I need help with my denture and implant, and I call office, they told me that Brian it's not working anymore I was scared again just like before but they told me to come to see someone else.

That's how I met Hayley. She made me feel comfortable again. She was amazing, did her job professional and I was very happy.

Then I met Eleonora, again she is amazing, the best, working so fast, I'm very, very happy. Only thing I can say: THIS PLACE IS THE BEST EVER, I'm so lucky to be a patient.

If anyone needs any work with denture & implant, please come to see them, and you will thank me one day”
- Taylor P.

Professional and Knowledgeable

“This is one of the best denture clinics I have ever brought my mother to for her dentures. The staff is courteous, professional and very knowledgeable and always super helpful. My mother is very picky/particular but she always leaves this clinic with a big smile on her face.”

- Entela Z.

Great Staff

“Absolutely amazing! Great staff, so helpful. I was in an emergency situation and they helped me out in such a great time!”

- Kayla T.

Highly Recommended

“For anyone considering dental implants, I cannot express enough in words how great my experience at Carrs Denture and Implant Solutions Clinic has been for me and I would highly recommend Carrs to anyone considering dental implants.

I have had a full upper and partial lower denture for over 5 years, done by a lab through my previous dentist. The denture was too big as well as the teeth in the denture, for my mouth and any attempts made by the dentist to fix it only made it worse. I had to be selective about everything I ate because chewing was difficult. When I made the decision to either get new dentures or dental implants, I had 3 consultations at other Denture and Implant clinics in my area as well as Carrs. Eleonora at the Carrs clinic was the only clinic to fully explain the implant procedure to me, including the time frame involved as well as the actual cost from start to finish, as well as a detailed printed copy of the procedure and cost to take with me. Carrs was also the only clinic that had a surgeon that they specifically worked with. Eleonora made an appointment for me to see the surgeon the very next day, for a consultation with them, to see if I was a good candidate for implants.

I saw Dr. Sheikh, at Brampton Dental Arts Clinic, who also fully explained the procedure to me as well as taking X-rays and once again giving me a detailed printout of the costs of the procedure. I soon learned that the surgery and the proper placement of the implants was also a very important part of this procedure and to the success of having great functioning teeth again. And once again I could not write this review without fully expressing in words how wonderful my experience with Dr. Sheikh and the staff at Brampton Dental Arts has also been. The professional mannerisms and knowledge of the implant procedure at both clinics, gave me the comfort and relief that Carrs Denture and Implant Solutions was the best choice for dental implants.

Eleonora and Dr. Sheikh and the staff at both clinics worked wonderfully together to schedule all my appointments between the 2 clinics from start to finish, as well as taking care of all my insurance claims. They all made the transition of work between the 2 clinics great experience for me. I quickly learned how important it could be to the success of this procedure to have both clinics working together like they were one.

Eleonora is true professional, who genuinely cares about her clients and how the final outcome of their teeth will look and perform. It took 3 visits to try my new teeth before Eleonora was completely satisfied with their look and performance in my mouth, and I was able to wear them home permanently. Her personal and caring service and high quality craftsmanship has left me with teeth that look, feel and perform like real teeth. I am now smiling with confidence and eating any thing I want!!”
- J. Saunders

Very Thankful

“The first thing I must do is give my thanks to Eleonora and staff at Carrs Dentures and implant solutions. My mom is happier with her new teeth and I am very thankful for that, thank you staff at Carrs Denture solutions.”

- Selwyn G.

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