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Many of our clients believe that losing one or a few of their teeth isn't a big deal. However, the reality of the situation is that even losing one tooth causes harmful changes to your mouth. It will cause shifting in your teeth, affect your facial structure and affect your oral health. If you're missing one or a few of your teeth, we at Confident Smiles Implant Denture Solutions can help. We provide a range of bespoke dental devices, including partial dentures in Brampton and Toronto. 

We keep up with the latest technology, materials and techniques to offer you a choice of the most innovative products. Alternatively, we also design complete dentures for those who have lost most of their natural teeth. If you'd like to learn more about our partial dentures in Toronto and Brampton, we invite you to schedule a visit with us. 

What Are Partial Dentures?

As the term suggests, partial dentures are dental devices to replace some of your teeth. Unlike complete dentures, they don't replace all teeth in your mouth. They are more than just cosmetic devices and can significantly enhance your chewing and speaking. Another crucial function they perform is that they preserve your remaining teeth. There are two types of partial dentures:

  • Removable partial dentures: Removable partial dentures include replacement teeth attached to a plastic frame and metal frame.
  • Fixed partial dentures: Unlike removable partial dentures, we attach fixed ones to your adjacent teeth or dental implants, creating a 'bridge.'

Why Wear Partial Dentures?

If you've lost one or a few of your teeth because of an infection or injury, our partial dentures in Brampton might be a good option for you. They come with many benefits, such as:

  • They're a cost-efficient way to restore your dental functioning. 
  • They will prevent your natural teeth from shifting.
  • They will maintain the shape of your face.
  • They will encourage healthy chewing. 
  • They will restore your smile.
  • They are easy to care for.

Get in Touch

Would you like to learn more about our partial dentures in Brampton and Toronto? We invite you to call us. We also offer relining services with same-day solutions.

Let’s Restore Your Smile
Our partial dentures in Brampton are your solution to a happy and healthy smile.

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